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Empowering corporations by providing comprehensive, accurate and complete legal information, simply and efficiently. Barry Shuster Group is the most efficient and accurate research company in Massachusetts & Rhode Island.

Barry Shuster Group

With 35 years in the business, Barry Shuster, Group, LLC has provided state of the art technology with old fashioned customer service, within the corporate filing and document searching industry. The organization files and searches UCCs, litigation, probate and business certificates, (including certificates of good standing) at the county level at all Registries of deeds, local level, and Superior Courts. Due to the company’s long-standing and excellent relationships, within all of the jurisdictions, the business consistently provides professional, efficient and timely customer service. The organization works throughout all of Rhodes Island and Massachusetts.

The Barry Shuster Group is a proud member of the National Public Records Research Association.

Contact Information

(p) 508-999-LIEN
(f) 877-852-7531